About Our Beehive

Wee Bees

Wee Bees is a group class for parents & toddlers aged 14 months to 2.5 years old.

The aim of the class is to develop emotional, social, physical & intellectual skills whilst preparing children for pre-school life.  The structured playgroup is directed by the teacher and includes activities like circle time, art & craft, singing, cooking, music and movement and games.  Mandarin and English classes are available year round.


Miss Erin



Honey Bees

Honey Bees is a pre-school class for children aged 2.5 to 5.5 years old.

The aim of the class is to expand the child’s development by focusing on practical life, sensory exploration, language, mathematics & social awareness skills whilst preparing them for primary school.  Children attend independently.  Class activities include circle time, art and craft, singing, music and  movement,  games, activity time, physical education, social studies, cooking & science.  English, Mandarin & dual language classes are available September – June.


Busy Bees Camps

Theme based camps for children aged 2.5 years up to 7 years old are run during most school holidays and through the summer months.  To find out more information about camps coming up please visit our camps page.

Wee Bees Holiday Classes

When regular Wee Bee classes are not running during holiday time we often run Wee Bees Holiday Classes. We have started offering our Summer Only Wee Bees Classes for July and August to non-enroled students. If you are interested in attending any of these classes please see our camps page.

The Curriculum

The Busy Bees Pre-School curriculum is a unique combination of the extensive experience Miss Erin brings to the classroom over twenty years of teaching in the US, UK & Hong Kong.  Having trained and taught in both traditional and Montessori settings, Miss Erin combines what she feels are the best aspects from both teaching philosophies.

Busy Bees Pre-School brings Montessori approaches to the traditional classroom.  This combination instills a natural exploration and love of learning but also prepares the young student for the demands of a traditional primary classroom.  An emphasis is placed upon developing emotional, social, physical and intellectual skills.  The classes provide a fun and safe environment encouraging children to develop their social skills and love of learning at their own pace.

Busy Bees Pre-School offers small class sizes set in some of Hong Kong’s finest recreational clubs.  “Miss Erin” Emrick started Busy Bees Pre-School after many years of teaching and managing Pre-Schools in Hong Kong.  Concerned with the growing class sizes, her goal was to offer something unique: small classes, a high student:teacher ratio and an energetic, fun and safe learning environment to offer children a solid foundation for their futures.

All of our classes are taught by experienced teachers, native language speakers and supervised by a teacher licensed in both primary education and Montessori education.